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Israelis shop local by: Tani Goldstein, Ynetnews


The Israeli consumer public purchases more Israeli-made food products and fewer imported goods than they did four years ago, a survey by the food branch of Manufacturers’ Union shows.

According to the study, 81 percent of Israeli households now buy locally-made baby food, compared to 69 percent in 2002. Ten percent buy foreign-produced baby food, and 3 percent buy both. The remaining surveyed households did not know whether the product they bought was locally produced or imported.

For the first time in years, the survey showed more than half of Israelis – 54 percent – prefer to buy Israeli-made alcoholic beverages,

compared to 36 percent in 2002. Eight percent buy local as well as imported alcohol, and 34 percent buy mainly imports. 67 percent buy Israeli-made beer, up from 60 percent in 2002; 10 percent buy both and 19 percent buy foreign-made beer. Many more Israelis buy locally made wine, however – 81 percent compared to 78 percent in 2002; 9 percent buy both and 7 percent prefer imports.

As for cheeses and dairy products, 95 percent buy locally made, up from 93 percent in 2002; 4 percent buy both and 0.4 percent buy imported.

Ice cream: 88 percent buy locally made, up from 83 percent in 2002; 4 percent prefer imported ice cream and 6 percent buy both.
Candy: 75 percent buy Israeli-made, compared to 65 percent in 2002; 7 percent buy imported and 15 percent buy both.

Olive oil: 92 percent buy local, up from 84 percent in 2002; 3 percent buy imported and 2 percent buy both.

Tea and coffee: 70 percent buy local up from 70 percent in 2002; 11 percent buy imported and 9 percent buy both.

Soup: 91 percent buy local, compared to 86 percent in 2002; 4 percent buy imported and 4 percent buy both.

Snack foods: No change – 94 percent buy locally made, the same as in 2002; 2 percent buy imported and 3 percent buy both.

Frozen vegetables: No change – 93 percent buy local, same as in 2002; 2 percent buy imported and 2 percent buy both.

The only product in which the purchase of the Israeli variety dropped was processed meat. In 2002 93 percent bought locally made, while in 2006 the number dropped to 90 percent; 2 percent buy imported and 3 percent buy both.

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