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Israeli boy racer by: Leslie Bunder

Chanoch Nissany
Chanoch Nissany

Formula One racing has fans all over the world and for decades every boy's dream at some point is to be a racing driver. Well, Chanoch Nissany has realised that dream and earlier this year became the first Israeli to be a Formula One driver. He's also the second only Jewish Formula One driver.

The 42-year-old who now lives in Hungary became a test driver for Italian Minardi which recently was bought by energy drink company Red Bull and from 2006 will be known as Scuderia Toro Rosso - Team Red Bull.
At a press reference earlier this year in Tel Aviv when Minardi announced the signing of Nissany, he told of his hope for other Israelis to enter the world of racing.  He was also pleased that Minardi made the announcement with him in Israel. "For me it was a great gesture. I hope it will help a bit to promote motor sports in Israel. I hope it will give an example for young people in Israel that it can be done," he told Israeli site
Nissany, who was born July 29 1963, came to racing late in life. In 2002, he took part in the Formula 2000 Hungarian Championship and was a runner-up. In 2003 he competed again and won it and crowned this by taking part in 2004 and winning another time.
The successful businessman who is based Budapest started racing as a hobby and in his short period of taking part in the sport, has shown the ability to achieve results.
Now that Minardi is no more, it's expected that Nissany will continue with his driving career. Before signing up with Minardi, Nissany took part in tests with Jordan which in July 2004 saw him on British soil - testing for the team at Silverstone. He was back again in September for Jordan taking part and  gaining an opportunity to apply for a F1 Super Licence.
Whatever his future, one thing is for certain, Nissany has put Israel on the map for racing drivers. © 2005 - 2006 | a JMT Ventures site | Contact Us | Terms of Use