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Fun Guys To Be With? by: Caroline Westbrook

Infected Mushroom
Infected Mushroom

If psychedelic trance music is your thing, then you probably know all about Infected Mushroom but if it's not your thing, then this Israeli duo could certainly get you addicted. And with the long-awaited delayed album Vicious Delicious scheduled for release later in the year, now is the time to get Infected.

Over the past decade, the band have built up a global following with their particular brand of music think Israel's answer to Orbital meets British dance act Underworld and you'll get the idea. The two-piece, who hail from Haifa, consist of Erez Aizen and Amit Duvdevani, who have worked together as Infected Mushroom since 1998. So far, they've released five albums, from 1999's The Gathering through to IM The Supervisor, which came out in 2004.

Erez, the younger member of the group (he was born in 1980) began making trance music when he was 15, having learned to play the organ at the age of four. Amit was born in 1974 and began playing piano when he was seven. After spending time in Haifa-based punk band Enzyme, he and Erez began making music together in 1998 under the name Shidapu and Duvdev before Infected Mushroom (named after one of Amit's favourite punk bands) were formed.

If you want to see them live, then you're in luck, as they're playing dates all across the world over the next few months. They're spending the rest of June in North America, with shows in Calgary and Edmonton in Canada, followed by US dates in California, Denver, Illinois and Philadelphia. In July they'll return to Europe to perform in Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Austria and Switzerland among others, as well as playing several shows in Israel. And they're due in Japan in mid-September.

However, fans still have to wait a while for the album Vicious Delicious to make its appearance. It was originally due for release on June 6, however according to the duo's official website, the release has been delayed to allow record companies around the world time to promote it fully. As yet, there's no word on when it'll hit the shelves but if their previous efforts are anything to go by, we reckon it'll be worth the wait.

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