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Eat bread, lose weight by: Leslie Bunder

Olga Raz
Olga Raz

An Israeli dietician is set to become the new Atkins and help people lose weight without the need to lose carbs or suffer side effects with the publication of The Bread for Life Diet.

Already out in the States and available in the UK, Olga Raz guides readers to how they can lose up to 20 pounds in two months by eating bread and making sandwiches.
Working on the premise that a high-carb diet increases serotonin levels, those on it will not craze as much as they used to as serotonin controls hunger.
"People are really brainwashed that carbs are the enemy. Eating bread, for example, makes the level of serotonin go up in your brain," she says. "Serotonin is important because it helps to stop cravings, improves your mood and tells your brain that you are satisfied with what you've eaten."
Of course, anyone taking this diet also needs to make sure they also get an ample supply of vitamins to make sure anything they may lack in is covered and if there are any medical problems with the person taking a diet to talk to their doctor first.
Mrs Raz, the director of The Nutrition and Dietary Unit of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre also says it doesn't really matter what the type of bed eaten is.
"The best kind of bread is a whole grain light bread because it contains complex carbohydrates. White bread is okay once in a while, but you are best off sticking with the grainy breads. Any kind of grain bread is fine," she says.
In Israel her book Getting Slim with Olga Raz was a huge hit and she hopes her advice in English will also help people by getting them into a weight loss frame of mind.
"I advise people to eat wholegrain and low-calorie breads, fresh fish, low-fat yoghurts, fruit and any favourite foods as long as they don't contain simple carbs or fat," she says. "You must remember to eat every three to four hours. The way your body works means you should have snacks or small meals regularly."
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