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Protecting mobiles by: Leslie Bunder

Making mobile phones secure
Mobile phone

Everyone is well aware these days of the threat of viruses on a PC, but what about a mobile phone or even a hand held organiser?

Well, last year the first mobile phone virus was reported which was spread via bluetooth, a way for mobile phone users to send and receive data and other information.

As more people use mobile phones and other smart technology devices when they are on the move there is the potential for others to try and gain access to your devices.  One way of course to limit this threat is to be careful how you use your bluetooth and not to accept requests from sources you are not sure of.

But there is only so much individuals can do, it is also up to manufacturers of these devices to improve the security of the products which are sold and an Israeli-based company is at the forefront of mobile security.

Discretix, which has recently sponsored a mobile phone security conference in London is based in Netanya, Israel and offer solutions to technology companies to enable them to protect their devices against external threats. Among those using the technology is Sony Ericsson and Symbian.

The company was founded by Gal Salomon who previously worked as product manager for Intel's Cellular Communication Division and also held a number of other positions at the chip giant in Israel.

At the heart of its mobile technology is CryptoCell, which has been developed to protect data contained on a mobile from attack. As more people use their phones for accessing online banking and ecommerce services, users want to be assured that their phones are not easily hacked. After all, if people are being encouraged to use their phones to do banking, the last thing they want is the threat of their information being accessed by others

According to Discretix, the technology used for its mobile security is even stronger than that of a desktop computer.

Discretix technology can also help mobile phone networks to stop stolen phones from working, adding additional protection for the owners from the aftermath of phone theft.

By working with the mobile phone manufacturers and network providers, Discretix provide the technology to make sure that phone users can be confident the risk of attacks on their phones is dramatically reduced.

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