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From rock and pop to theatre and dance, Israelis embrace all aspects of the arts and feature talented people performing across the world.

Borat goes to Israel
After infuriating the Kazakh authorities, Borat is coming to Israel. The British Jewish comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (35), better known as Ali G. will be arriving in Israel shortly to promote his blockbuster Borat movie.
Big in Japan
Udi Aloni’s film Forgiveness did not win any awards at last week’s Tokyo Film Festival, which ended Sunday, but that didn’t stop it from being the most talked-about film at the festival.
UK Jewish Film Festival
Israeli film treats
It's that time of year again for the UK Jewish Film Festival. As per usual, the event – which this year runs from November 4 – 16 – showcases some of the best new films from Israel. Caroline Westbrook runs through the highlights from the Holy Land.
Israel at 60
With 2008 marking the 60th anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel, plans are already being made as to how the year will be celebrated in the UK. Among the highlights is a star studded event at London's Albert Hall in May 2008.
Making movies
Lovely films
"Women about love", a compilation of female-directed short films, premiered at Haifa's 22nd Annual International Film Festival. Comprised of six short documentaries, it of stories through the eyes of female writers and directors.
Israel's Eurovision makeover
Following one of its worst results in contest history, Israel is to radically alter its approach to selecting a song and performer to represent the country at Eurovision 2007.
Jakko Isenberg
Israeli idol
Jakko Isenberg wins A Star is Born, the Israeli version of American Idol and then after a number of interviews, his viewpoints and opinions are revealed. Find out more about the man.
Bat Sheva
Aussie bat Sheva
The Bat Sheva dance ensemble accepted an invitation to open an international dance festival this January in Sydney, Australia. The troupe will present a composition by Ohad Naharin called “Telophaza,” which premiered last year at a festival in Eilat.
War and theatre
The Second Lebanon War is coming to the theatre. The Haifa Theatre, which had to stop running during the war, has started working on a new project, “Heroes Against Their Will”.
Rockfour keep on rockin'
If you're a fan of Israeli music then chances are you'll have come across Rockfour, the psychedelic rock trio who are one of the country's most successful bands.
Yizhar Smilansky
Death of S. Yizhar
The writer S. Yizhar, one of Israel's prominent writers of the founding generation, passed away last week aged 89. He leaves behind a wife and three children.
Neshama Carlebach
Neshama Carlibach in Israel
In a purple-plastered basement studio the harmonious cacophony of concert preparations crowded the air as we waited for Neshama Carlebach, daughter of the legendary spiritual singer Shlomo Carlibach and an artist in her own right, to emerge from rehearsals.
Ori Kaplan
Introducing Ori Kaplan
While Jewish musicians have a tendency to perform with a number of different bands, few seem to be quite as busy as Ori Kaplan. The Israeli-born saxophone player is a member of no less than eight different groups.
Monster House
Monster maker
Israeli producer Gil Kenan, is busy promoting his animated movie Monster House breaking box offices throughout the US, but spends every spare moment listening to news from the Mideast.
Gil Shohat
Gil Shohat interview
He's likeable, sophisticated, media-savvy, something of a celebrity in his native Israel, dedicated, unpretentious, successful, and very, very talented. Meet Gil Shohat.
Gad Elbaz
Gad Elbaz interview
Meet 24-year-old Israeli singer Gad Elbaz who is on his way to become the next Latino superstar and he says he wouldn't mind doing a duet with Christina Aguilera.
Gila Almagor
Gila Almagor interview
For Gila Almagor there's no place like Israel: "When I wake up in the morning to do my work as an actress, this is a paradise, a land of endless opportunities." In an interview she speaks about Munich production, Spielberg and more.
Natalie Portman
Portman gets naked
American-Israeli Hollywood star Natalie Portman is about to appear fully naked in her new film Goya's Ghosts – a historical drama describing the life of the famous Spanish painter Francisco Goya.
Noa Tishbi
Noa Tishbi
Sexy Israeli actress Noa Tishbi has recently completed filming for her role in the new film "Fatwa," in which she plays a terrorist who cooperates with an Arab terror organization. Find out more.
Avishai Cohen
High priest of jazz
Israel is renowned for exporting some of the finest jazz musicians in recent years and Avishai Cohen has to be at the top of the list. His instrument of choice is the double bass which he plays with passion and determination.
Infected Mushroom
Fun Guys To Be With?
If psychedelic trance music is your thing, then you probably know all about Infected Mushroom – but if it's not your thing, then this Israeli duo could certainly get you addicted.
Terry Poison
Good poison
Having made a name for themselves on the Israeli dance and club scene, Terry Poison a trio hellbent of delivering quality electro dance have now arrived in Europe and on British soil.
Roni Ben-Hur
Ben-Hur rocks
Roni Ben-Hur has been recording albums for a decade and in that time, this Israeli jazz musician has been winning fans across the globe with his musical delights.
Israeli dancing
Dance yourself Israeli
For anyone who has ever fancied doing Israeli dancing, a new London class is taking place every Thursday evening in Golders Green, north west London. Strictly Israeli Dancing offers both dance to traditional and modern Israeli music.
Hebrew book week
8,405 new titles – books, journals, cassettes and CDs – were released in Israel in 2005, according to a new report released in advance of Hebrew Book Week which starts on June 7.
Rock with Amstaff
With hints of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Linkin Park, Israeli band Amstaff are turning heads and showing that Israeli musicians can deliver great sounds and not just conform to the norm.
World Music Israel
Music from Israel
A group of self-managed Israeli musicians have created a website to showcase their work as well as of other local peers. Currently the site, World Music Israel offers five artists with selections of their music.
Israel scoops Oscar
Israel is on the map, no only when comes to the European basketball league but also in the Oscars. Not the "grownups" Oscar ceremony, but an Oscar awards ceremony, no less, for young filmmakers.
2006 Israel Festival
The 2006 Israel Festival is scheduled to open on May 23 and will last for three weeks. This year it is expected to host dozens of dance, theatre, and music performances, as well as multi-disciplinary works from 11 countries.
David Deri and his parents
Israel at gay film fest
Two Israeli films are to be shown as part of the 21st Turin International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. In David Deri's documentary 'Say Amen', Deri reveals how he is coming out to his orthodox family.
Israel dance day
Dance yourself Israeli
Children from across the UK including those from London, Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow have taken part in the 16th Annual Children's Dance Festival organised by the Israel Dance Institute (IFDI).
The Troupe
The Troupe is back
After months of searching for the perfect cast, the Habima Theater in Tel Aviv has announced the start of rehearsals for the musical The Troupe. The production, based on the cult movie directed by Avi Nesher, will premiere on May 29.
Yael Nizri
Israel chooses its Miss
A student from Kiryat Shmona in Israel has been chosen to represent Israel at this year's Miss Universe contest which is due to take place in July. Yael Nizri, 18 beat 20 other Israeli women to be crowned Queen of Beauty.
Eddie Butler
Butler goes to Athens
Singer Eddie Butler has been chosen to represent Israel at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Butler triumphed at the Kdam – the Israeli national final to choose a song for the contest – with his song Ze Hazman (This is the Time).
New art prize
The Rappaport Foundation has established a new prize, named after Ruth and Baruch Rappaport, to be awarded on a yearly basis over the next decade to two painters, a veteran and a novice, that live and work in Israel.
Roger Waters
Roger Waters goes to Israel
Israelis are getting excited at plans by rock legend Roger Waters to visit Tel Aviv in June. A founder, singer and bassist of Pink Floyd, Waters was a major part of the band during their golden decades between 1965 and 1985.
Hebrew Hamlet
Hebrew Hamlet
Shakespeare's Hamlet in Hebrew is among the highlights of a special six month event that will be taking place from January 2007 to June 2007 in Washington DC as part of a tribute to one of England's finest playrights.
Israel's Eurovision hopes
With this year's Eurovision Song Contest final set to take place in Athens on May 20th, Israel is getting ready to choose their entry. The annual Kdam-Eurovision – the TV show where their song is selected – will be held on March 15 in Jerusalem.
Yossi Vassa
Ethiopian Jewish comedy
As project Operation Promise puts the issue of Ethiopian Jews back on the agenda, the story of one man and how he made it to Israel is a story worth hearing. "It Sounds Better in Amharic" is performed by Yossi Vassa who arrived in Israel aged 10.
Zen Micro MP3 player
Israeli music downloads
Israeli music fans can now legally download Hebrew songs from the internet and pay only a few shekels per each song. The new site, which is operated by MSN Israel offers albums and songs released by Israel's three major record companies.
Doing it Sub's way
He's been described as the prince of Israeli hip-hop and in less than a decade, Subliminal has grown from rapping in his native Israel to an international audience and in the process setting up a whole lifestyle brand based around his success.
Shiri Maymon
Say shalom to Shiri
The last time you may have heard of Shiri Maymon was at last year's Eurovision Song Contest. The sultry songstress finished in a very respectable fourth place with her ballad The Silence That Remains.
David Grossman
Samson's story
Like many mythological figures, the biblical Samson crosses national boundaries to find his place as part of the general arsenal of world superheroes. A new book by David Grossman explores Samson.
Live And Become
Live And Become review
Live And Become tells the story of a young Ethiopian boy who escapes the famine in his country to begin a new life in Israel. Caroline Westbrook offers her verdict.
Omri Levy
Omri presence
If you're a fan of American Gary Jules, British James Blunt or Canadian Daniel Powter, then you'll love Israeli singer-songwriter Omri Levy. He's everything this trio are – and more.
Raz Hartman
Rockin' Raz Hartman
With his trademark white Yamulke and Rasta-like payot, Raz Hartman comes across as being a cool frum Jew, comfortable with his religious perspectives and wanting to share it with other people – which he's done through his music.
Eyal Golan
New heights for Golan
He’s been described as the Israeli answer to Ricky Martin crossed with the UK’s Robbie Williams and he’s coming to the UK. Eyal Golan, one of the most popular singers in the Israeli music industry is to headline Wembley next May.
Liel and Bill
Swell Liel the singing sensation
At the age of just 16, Israeli singer Liel has performed with everyone from former president Bill Clinton to German rockers The Scorpions and she's also mates with Elton John and Bono. Not bad for a teenager.
Say hello to Izabo
Israel has always had a flourishing music scene, but one band to break out of the Holy Land and find success elsewhere are indie rockers Izabo. Lead singer Ram Shem Tov talks about the band's slow but steady rise to fame and singing in English.
Oded Fehr
Not just a mummy's boy
With his dark looks and suave style, Tel Aviv-born Oded Fehr is fast becoming one of Hollywood's leading men. Recently seen on the British big screen in Dreamer, the 35-year-old has progressed greatly since he graduated from the Old Vic Theatre School in Bristol.
Moshav Band
Moshav men make music
With the release of The Best of The Moshav Band – Higher And Higher, music fans can now connect with one of Israel's finest exports who offer a blend of rock/folk, fused with Jewish spiritual insights. © 2005 - 2006 | a JMT Ventures site | Contact Us | Terms of Use