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From Middle Eastern delights to traditional Eastern European fayre, Israel makes some of the best food in the world. Whether frozen, chilled or home made, Something Israeli looks at what you can eat with an Israeli connection.

Yarden Shishklick
Chicken shishlick's good...
When to it comes to chicken nobody seems to know it better or have a bigger range of prepared chicken products than Yarden. And one of its more popular already cooked products frozen is shishlick.
Yarden chicken legs
Yarden is big leggy
Like chicken leg but don't want the hassle of getting them raw, coating them and then roasting the pieces? Well, Israeli chicken experts Yarden offers one of the easiest ways to enjoy chicken legs.
Chickens for USA
Israeli Agriculture Minister Shalom Simhon and the US government agreed to advance the inspection of slaughterhouses in Israel in preparation for the coming renewed export of poultry to the US.
Hassle free pomegranate
One of the nicest fruits is the pomegranate, but a major downside is that it can be quite a messy fruit to remove its juicy seeds. But now making a mess eating fresh pomegranate is a thing of the past thanks to prepared Israeli pomegranate.
Use your etrog
Another year, another sukkot and with that comes the rather awesome citrus fruit, the etrog. Once you've done all you holding and shaking of the etrog with the lulav, there's plenty of life left in the etrog for adding to food. Find out more.
Yarden chicken sausages
Yarden chicken sausages
When it comes to quick and easy meals, Israeli food manufacturer Yarden comes trumps. Famed for its chicken and turkey meals, Yarden seems to do well with whatever it offers. And it doesn't get any better than Yarden chicken sausages.
Israel loves chocolate
A survey carried out by the Dun and Bradstreet business information company ahead of the Rosh Hashana holiday found that Israelis consume an average of 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) of chocolate per capita per year.
Dead Sea
Dead Sea eating
The Dead Sea is not just a place to relax and float, it's also home to some great places to eat. Use our guide to plan a night out with a fantastic meal, from veggie to fish, there's a good cohice of places to choose at the Dead Sea.
Fruits in Israel
A new study about the consumption of fruits and vegetables in Israel revealed a fact known to most parents: Children are not keen on eating fruits and vegetables. Most adults surveyed said they prefer watermelon to other seasonal fruits.
Organic fruit
Going organic
According to the Israel Bio-organic Agriculture Association, Israel’s bio-organics industry is thriving as the country’s kibbutzim and moshavim continue their organic farming efforts to produce a wide range of fresh vegetables, fruit, spices, and field crops.
Low cal choice
Half of the households in Israel have a habit of buying low-calories products according to a survey conducted by the Food Industries Association. Some 32 percent of households buy low-calorie dairy products, yogurts and cheese.
Elsa's Story
Elsa's cookies
There's something truly special about Elsa's Story. This Israeli bakery manufactures a wide range of products and its range on offer in the UK seems to be increasing all the time and now strawberry biscuits are here.
Aroma in New York
The first branch of the Aroma chain outside Israel will open at the posh Soho area, on Houston Street, which is considered to be one of the most central and busiest streets in Manhattan.
Lehem Erez
Erez Komrovsky
Israel's most famous baker talks about his passion for fresh, unique bread. Meet Erez Komrovsky, man that made sourdough and yeast fashionable.
Looking to London
One of Israel's best known food manufacturers Strauss-Elite is to list on the London Stock Exchange. The move is part of plans to raise additional money as well as help it expand its operations globally.
Knorr rice
Knorr blimey
If you've got five minutes, what is the best way to make the most of it if you are looking for something kosher and tasty? Well, Knorr's rice dishes take just five minutes to prepare and offer one of the tastiest rice dishes in town.
Jerusalem eating out
Jerusalem offers a plethora of places to eat and drink. In all over 600 restaurants compete for your business offering eveything from the cheap and very cheerful through to upscale dining where only booking in advance will do.
Israel tops taste test
Israeli hummus is the best according to a recent taste test conducted by The Independent newspaper for its weekend magazine. The Tsabar hummus, marketed under the brand name "Jordan Sabra" received the highest score: 4.5 stars.
Shahaf lemon cake
Shahaf lemon cake
When it comes to ready made cakes, those made in Israel tend to be up there as among the best and Shahaf with its lemon cake without sugar carries on this tradition. Taping into the diabetic market, Shahaf's lemon cake offers a tasty treat.
The Dead Sea
Eating at The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea is not just a place to go to in order to gain some therapeutic relief to many medical problems, it's also a great place to go to experience world quality food. From veggie to meat feasts, it offers a vast choice.
Eat out in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv eating
Looking for somewhere to eat in Tel Aviv? Want to impress a friend, relative or business associate with your knowledge of where is the right place to be seen in? Well, here's some handy tips of places to eat in Tel Aviv courtesy of Think Israel.
Osem tomato rice soup
We’ve been fans of Osem for many years and the Israeli-made products it makes are some of the best food you can buy. Among its staples is tomato soup with rice. Like its cousin, chicken soup with noodles, this is fast, easy and convenient soup that is tasty.
Osem chicken noodle soup
Chicken soupin' good
Want to make a chicken soup that tastes just as good as your mother's? Or maybe come pretty close to it? Well, Osem's chicken noodle soup is probably the closest you will get.
Osem tomato soup
You say tomato
Osem makes one of the biggest ranges of kosher food products in the world. This Israeli-based company which is majority owned by Nestle also happens to produce some of the tastiest products around as well including tomato soup.
Israelis shop local
The Israeli consumer public purchases more Israeli-made food products and fewer imported goods than they did four years ago, a survey by the food branch of Manufacturers’ Union shows.
Knorr rice curry
Knorr's nice rice
Looking for something easy to make that goes well with meat or chicken, well Knorr's Rice with Curry pretty much does what it says on the packet. simmer it for five minutes and you've then got a hot and tasty side dish to go with your meal.
Olivia Gourmet
Give it a dressing up
Got a salad and want to give it something more than a standard oil dressing? Well, Israel's Olivia Gourmet offers a range of dressings that can help transform any salad and make it into something special.
Food for seniors
An Israeli catering company is developing a range of food products aimed at senior citizens. The first product from Shefa Group is ice cream which has been made to be rich in calories, protein, vitamins, and fiber.
Cigarim are smokin'
Despite its name, Cigarim have really got nothing to do with smoking, though they are cigar shaped. Best described as an Israeli take on Chinese spring rolls, cigarim are long thin pastry rolls that are filled with either minced meat, usually lamb or potato.
Israeli food expansion
Israeli food companies have invested $200 million in the establishment and purchase of companies abroad in 2005, according to Ron Kobrovsky, chairman of the Food Industries Association at the Manufacturers Association of Israel.
Telma chicken noodle soup
Telma chicken noodle soup
It's often said, that no one can make chicken soup better than your own mother, but the reality of course is that if you really knew how your mother made it, you might be somewhat surprised. It could well be Telma chicken noodle soup.
Gate Gourmet
Gate opens in Israel
Airline catering giant Gate Gourmet which suffered from a long and bitter strike with its workforce at Heathrow Airport is looking to expand its operations into Israel.
Still got a etrog?
With etrogs costing £10 or more, it seems a shame to not use them once Sukkot is over. Why not try some of our suggestions to turn this biblical citrus fruit into a modern culinary delight?
Yarden turkey
Turkey for all
Thin slices of turkey breast with a light smoky taste is what Yarden's poultry packet is all about. This versatile product can serve two people either as a tasty sandwich or as a terrific salad. It doesn't get any easier that these turkey packets.
Bamba Snacks
La La Bamba
It's made out of corn, it's puffy and it tastes of peanuts. Well, it can only be Bamba Snacks, one of Israel's most popular snacks. Millions of people munch through the bags every year in Israel as well as being exported to countries all across the globe.
Yarden chicken
Chicken tonight?
As a nation of poultry lovers, one of Israeli's finest exports is all things feathered, or in the case of chicken, all things plucked. And it doesn't get plucking better than frozen chicken from Yarden.
Shawarma at Solly's
Good golly its Solly's
What started off as a small Israeli takeaway restaurant, Solly's Exclusive in north west London's Golders Green has emerged as one of the biggest kosher restaurants in Europe.
Olivia sauces
Cooking up something saucy
If you've ever seen the Olivia Gourmet range of sauces at your local kosher emporium and not been tempted to indulge in their delights, you're missing a treat. Find out more about using Olivia with your cooking.
Yarden Chicken Shawarma
I feel like chicken tonight
Want to make your own shawarma at home? Over the last couple of years, a number of Israeli manufacturers have offered frozen shawarama and previously the choice was just turkey. Now, Yarden offers instant chicken shawarma which is available chilled.
Instant mash from Osem
Mash it up
The Chinese and Japanese may have given us instant noodles in a cup, so what does Israel do to satisfy the kosher palate when wanting something that is quick, easy and filling? It gives the world mash potato. And Osem is the market leader.
banana and chocolate pastry bite
Baking with Elsa
Elsa's Story is a range of premium cookies and snacks from Israel. We sample one of their recent creations, Banana and Chocolate Pastry Bites, and try to find out more about the elusive Elsa.
Yaden kabanos
Tasty kabanos
Kabanos are a traditional polish sausage. Dry and slightly smokey they are ready to eat as is. Israeli food giant Yarden offers two types of turkey kabanos - mini and regular size which are ideal on their own or adding to a meal. © 2005 - 2006 | a JMT Ventures site | Contact Us | Terms of Use