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Depression and Osteoporosis linked
Israeli researchers have found a link between depression and lowered bone density, an ailment that can lead to osteoporosis and fractures.
Honey bees
Bees like mammals
New research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has found that the molecular structure of the biological clock of the honey bee is more similar to the biological clock of mammals than to that of flies.
Cancer patient help
A computer generated “virtual cancer patient” can predict how patients with advanced breast cancer respond to treatment with 70% accuracy and now Israeli biotechnology company Optimata, has won approval from Cancer Research UK.
Combatting blindness
An Israeli company which has set its sights on providing an effective drug to combat a cruel vision loss disease has just got one big step closer to its goal.
Desk Trainer
No pain, all gain
If you are getting pain in your hands or back when sitting or doing work on your computer, an Israeli company can help you relieve those pains through a series of online tutorials.
Help for infertility
Two recent studies by Israeli teams provide some very good news for women who are experiencing difficulty getting pregnant or are prone to miscarriages.
Going bananas
If you eat five bananas a week, there's a good chance that one of them has its genetic origins in Israel. Find out more about how bananas have their roots in Israel.
Fighting epilepsy
Most people think that epilepsy is under control; that it is an 'old time' disease which barely manifests itself anymore among the 450,000 Britons who suffer from the neurological disorder.
Fighting heartburn
You may fight heartburn by occasionally taking a tablet, or just might ignore it, but what is often viewed as mere discomfort can develop into a very serious medical condition.
TransPharma Medical
Patches on your skin
Israeli biomed startup TransPharma Medical hopes to change the way drugs are delivered into our bloodstream - goodbye needles, hello patches.
Pomegranate combats diabetes
Researchers from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology say that pomegranate juice may provide important health benefits for diabetic patients.
New light on cancer
Forcing cancer cells to shine could activate light-sensitive drugs that are then able to kill them without damaging healthy tissue nearby, according to new Israeli research.
Helping stroke victims
Israeli researchers have developed a virtual shopping centre that helps stroke victims improve their cognitive functioning and recover strength in their upper bodies.
Stopping cancer
There may not be an obvious path from developing ways to grow larger peaches and nectarines to discovering a way to stop the growth and spread of cancer cells - but that has not stopped Professor Oded Shoseyov.
Help with walking
An Israeli company has developed a new device that can help patients suffering from paralysis of the foot due to central nervous system injuries learn how to walk properly again.
Help for stroke victims
Israeli researchers have developed a virtual shopping centre that helps stroke victims improve their cognitive functioning and recover strength in their upper bodies.
Medical research
Omega-3 combats depression
Treatment with omega-3 fatty acids could benefit children suffering from clinical depression, according to a pilot study conducted in Israel. Twenty children suffering from depression were involved in the study, which took place at Ben Gurion University.
Medical research
Kosher fatbuster
ArtJen Complexus Holdings has announced that its has received kosher certification from Rabbi Gabriel Zinner of Brooklyn, New York for FBCx, the fat fighting fiber tablet.
Send in the clowns
Women trying to conceive a child through IVF treatment are more likely to be successful if they add a sense of humour to their life, new Israeli research has found.
Art in Israel
A public auction in Israel reported record high proceeds: $3.6 million were spent by affluent art collectors to purchase paintings by leading Israeli artists.
Minstry of Health
Healthy Israel
Want to get information on health services in Israel? Then Israel's Ministry of Health offers an English language version providing plenty of pointers to what facilities are on offer.
Every breath you take
Having to take a liver biopsy may soon be a thing of the past thanks to new technology from an Israeli company. Hadasit, which is a subsidiary of Hadassah Medical Organization has acquired the rights to BreathID from Oridion Systems.
Help for Parkinson's
The Michael J Fox Foundation has given a grant of $490,000 to an Israeli company that is developing a special skin patch to help those who suffer from Parkinson's disease.
Jewish Baby Names
A name to show
What do you give the Jewish baby who has everything? How about their name in Hebrew on a special birth plate that they can treasure for later on in life. The birth plates are made in Israel and shipped to anywhere in the world.
Pull and Bear 2006 collection
Fashion group expands
Youth fashion company, Pull and Bear has opened two new flagships stores in Tel Aviv: One in Dizengoff Center and the other in the Azrieli Mall. The retailer, part of the Inditex Group which also includes Zara is developed in Israel by Africa Israel.
Treating wounds
An Israeli company is developing a new form of relief for people who suffer from diabetic ulcers and venous ulcers as well as other wounds to the skin. EnzySurge, based in Shoham has already raised several million dollars to fund its technology.
Israeli Dimaond Industry
Diamond Israeli geezers
They say diamonds are a girl's best friend and nothing is as precious as a diamond, but when it comes to working with these gems, Israel is one of the world's leading countries and now it is looking to start telling the world.
Colon viewing
An Israeli company is at the forefront of technology that allows doctors to investigate the gastrointestinal tract for problems related to it without the need for discomfort during tests.
Vivaldi potato
The diet potato
A potato that has proven to be a hit with those on diets is being grown in Israel when off-season in the UK. The Vivaldi potato currently sold at Sainsbury's under the Taste the Difference’ premium range of products.
Help with pain
Israel's office of the Chief Scientist has awarded a $1.3m grant to Rehovat based Pharmos corporation to develop new drugs that can help relieve pain from patients.
Medical research
Better testing of drugs
Following recent concerns in the UK over the way in which human drug trials have gone wrong, Israeli scientists have developed a pioneering way to conduct drug trials on rats that can mimic the affects on humans.
Tackling weight
An Israeli medical company is developing what it hopes will be a drug for controlling the intake of food and if it succeeds with its plans, new hope can be offered for millions of people across the world who suffer from obesity.
Frum women dancing
There is nothing especially newsworthy about a college-level dance course. But one such program in the West Bank is just a bit different than most: classes are for girls only.
Great grapefruit
A grapefruit a day could well keep the doctor away according to a new study undertaken by Hebrew University School of Pharmacy. Those who ate a grapefruit a day were able reduce the levels of cholesterol in their blood than those who did not.
The cost of feminine hygiene
Being a woman is costly indeed. Israeli women spend some NIS 207 million (USD 45 million) every year on hygiene products, according to the Credit Information Association (CIA).
Magnetic treatment
Depression is a common problem for many people which not only affects them but also their family and friends as they attempt to deal with the condition. Jerusalem-based Brainsway offers Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to treat the brain.
Hummus good for teeth
Hummus, tehina, cheese and avocados have more than just protein, they are good for your teeth too. According to the Israeli Health Ministry, these foods prevent sugars from sticking to the teeth and can minimize the risk of cavities.
Cleopatra’s Choice
Drop Dead Sea gorgeous
Looking for a more natural way to keep your skin looking good and to improve its quality, well, Israel's very own Dead Sea has been providing useful treatment for all sort of skin conditions and manufacturers have been bottling its beneficial properties.
Checking diabetes
The UK looks set to be one of the first countries to benefit from a new Israeli-developed diabetes checker that removes the annoyance of having a pin prick into a finger to check glucose levels.
Detecting HCV through saliva
A way to test for the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) through saliva in the month, rather than a blood test has been developed by an Israeli company and is proving to be an effective way for detection of the HCV.
Berry takes on flu
A natural way to combat flu that is made with elderberry extract is also looking likely that it an be used to combat Avian Flu. Developed in Israel by Dr Madeleine Mumcuoglu, Sambucol has been available for over a decade and can be taken on a regular daily basis.
Israel grows its own
Seaweed-based meals used in sushi are both tasty as well as very healthy and now Noritech, an Israeli company is developing seaweed products that can be produced in on-land ponds instead of just the ocean.
Sleep can combat ADHD
Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is a serious condition that affects parents across the globe and Israeli researchers have found that it may be linked to sleep.
About Hadassah
Until Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon went in to Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, much of the world knew very little of this pioneering medical facility. For over 90 years, Hadassah has not just been helping people in Israel but also throughout the world.
Science gets personal
Scientists and doctors from Israel's science and technology university the Technion are taking part in a project which will see five Technion facilities join together to locate genes that will help develop drug therapy that is tailored to patients.
Olga Raz
Eat bread, lose weight
An Israeli dietician, Olga Raz, is set to become the new Atkins and help people lose weight without the need to lose carbs or suffer side effects with the publication of The Bread for Life Diet.
New hope for flu vaccine
It costs business billions of dollars every year through people taking time off from work because they have a flu and are bedbound. Now, BiondVax, an Israeli company is working on a intra-nasal flu vaccine that aims to treat most types of flu.
A better pill to swallow
An Israeli company based in Yoqneam has come up with technology that is no bigger than a pill but when swallowed can help discover what problems a person has with their intestine and it's proving a reliable way to help people.
Cancer treatment
New cancer findings
New ways to fight cancer could be helped by the latest findings by Israeli researchers. At Israel's Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, medical researchers discovered cancer cells are finding new ways to become resident to chemotherapy drugs treatment.
Biting matters
Many people just can't get a good nights sleep due to gnashing and gnawing of their teeth and even worse, their gnawing can lead to permanent damage to their teeth and constant headaches. But now an Israeli company can help diagnose the condition.
Ten Commandments diamond
Diamonds forever
In the run up to Chanukah, what can you get for your nearest and dearest? How about some unique precious stones or jewellery and getting them direct form Israel? Well, is offering a vast range of products to buy.
Keep busy to prevent Alzheimer's
Throw out the TV and write a book instead is the message from Israel if you want to delay the development of Alzheimer's disease. Reading, writing and generally being busy are some of the activities that can help to prevent the development of the brain disease. © 2005 - 2006 | a JMT Ventures site | Contact Us | Terms of Use