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Get the latest information on the best technology coming out of Israel and making it to your home or office. From mobile phones to computers, Israel invents, designs and makes technology used around the world.

NextGen video
A consortium of seven of Israel's best and brightest companies involved in developing video infrastructure and applications delivery is looking to make video access mobile phones and internet better than ever.
Making nuclear safe
Find out more about how Israeli scientists are looking to make nuclear energy safe. As more and more energy is being consumed across the world, new forms of energy are being sought to cope with the demand.
IBM looks to Israel
A team of senior executives from IBM in the United States, including two vice presidents, are set to arrive in Israel at the beginning of next month in order to meet with venture capital fund managers.
Fancy chatting
Looking for some funky images to show when having a webcam chat with a friend or group of friends? Well, an Israli company has developed software that allows anyone using a webcam to customise their appearance when being viewed by others.
Digital billboards
London's streets will soon play host to an innovative new digital billboard technology from Israel that promises to revolutionise the world of outdoor advertising.
Microsoft buys Gteko
Microsoft is to acquire the Ra'anana-based startup Gteko Ltd in a deal that will see the software giant pay $110 million for the acquisition of the Israeli company.
Sporting web
A new sports website created in Israel and aimed at fans of sport across the world has gone live. Sportingo, which allows fans to get their comments and thoughts published online.
Shin Bet seeke techies
The Shin Bet security service is seeking IT experts to assist in the war against terror. An advertising campaign was launched under the title 'Needed: High Tech People to Foil Attacks'.
Fuel from algae
Two Israeli companies are developing a cost-effective, energy efficient fuel made from micro-algae feeding off carbon dioxide emissions.
Taxis take credit
Local credit card companies are launching a new service in Israel that will allow taxicab users to pay for the service with their credit cards. The new service will be offered initially only in the Tel Aviv area.
On the waterfront
Israel is setting standards in developing new water technologies that nations like Britain will be looking to as clean water sources become scarcer throughout the century.
Solar power
Solar power
Israeli researchers have been working with solar power for decades, from developing solar panels for rooftop installation to heating residential units, and creating a giant solar collector for Israel's Technion Research Institute.
Zlango it
Have you ever sent a text message on your cell phone, looked at the black and white letters, and wished that there were another way to convey your silly joke or sappy love note? Thanks to the technology of Israeli startup company Zlango, there will be soon.
Treating Alzheimer's
Researches at Ben-Gurion University in Beer Sheva develop unique computer program to assist patients with Alzheimer's cope with memory loss.
Frum IT training
The growing demand for hi-tech employees in the heart of Israel and the increasing salaries in the industry has brought IT company Malam Group to the decision to start recruiting and training manpower coming from the haredi sector in the software field.
Searching through boards
An Israeli based in Ramat Gan has enhanced a search engine that allows users to search through messageboards. Omgili from computer programmer Ran Geva is still in beta and has already indexed thousands of messageboards.
Aladdin stops trojans
Tel Aviv-based Aladdin Knowledge Systems has gained a patent for technology that protects against dangerous threats ob the internet such as Trojans and other devious methods to gain control of computers.
Teaching English
An Israeli software company which has developed software that can teach English to non-speakers in around 15 hours has signed a deal to supply the Malaysian Ministry of Education. EasyReader, which has been offering language software since 1996 is based at the Granot Initiative Centre.
Psychological games
An Israeli company is developing a series of computer games to help children who are dealing with emotional and psychological problems. Zipland Interactive, based in Tel Aviv has just launched its first game, Earthquake in Zipland.
Virgin appoints Emblaze
Emblaze has announced that Emblaze Mobile, its handset design and manufacturing company, has been appointed by Virgin Mobile to manage its exclusive Lobster mobile phone range.
Zone 4 Play
Be a winner
Interactive gaming company Zone4Play is powering a new mobile service being offered by text broadcaster Teletext. Under the Winner Channel brand which is promoted by Two Way TV, Teletext will offer its audience a range of games including roulette and dice.
World Cup goes mobile
An Israeli company that is focused on providing mobile content for football fans is getting into the mood for the World Cup with its unofficial offering. Downloads include ringtones as well as animated look-alikes.
Getting really mobile
How many times have you been annoyed when someone sends you something on your mobile, but it just doesn't seem to be able to be accessed? With the slogan, Any Media, Any Network, Any device, Adamind
Getting mobile with content
Agritech 2006
Improving agriculture
A high level meeting between India and Israel this week will discuss better co-operation between the two nations with regards to developing technology to improve agriculture. The two countries will be at the Tel Aviv-based Agritech 2006 Conference.
Microsoft invests in Israel
Software giant Microsoft is beefing up its research and development in Israel with the appointment of its vice president of TV to oversee technology development in Israel.
Future of the Net
Israeli business magazine TheMarker hosted 'COM.vention', a conference earlier this month looking at what the future has in store for the internet both in Israel as well as across the world.
Taking security seriously
It's not just Norton and McAffe who are giving the world protection against computer viruses and offering computer security, an Israeli company Finjan is leading the world when it comes to helping businesses protect themselves.
Birthday Forever
Happy Birthday online
How would you like to manage your birthday online? A trio of Israelis have launched a new website that allows people to manage their birthday online.
Speech-Over Studio
Making your point
An Israeli software company has launched an addition to Microsoft PowerPoint that allows users to add voice to their presentations. Tuval Software Industries' Speech-Over Studio allows presentations to be made with voice included in them.
Getting active in the UK
Israeli developed and founded ActiveShopper which provides consumers with a price comparison service that can be accessed via toolbars on a computer has teamed up with online shopping comparison service to offer a complete shopping experience.
Watching domain names
Israeli-based domain name registration company Domain The Net is offering domain name owners a range of new services to protect their domain names from being taken by domain name thieves.
Blogging Israelis
Israeli businesses are to get a free seminar on the impact of blogs and how best they can use them to grow their business. Blogging presents another communication way for Israelis to enhance their businesses potential.
Google Israel
Google appoints R&D head
Google has hired Dr Yoelle Maarek, formerly a senior manager at the IBM’s research laboratories in Haifa, to head the company’s new research and development center in Haifa.
Google Israel
Say Shalom to Google
Google has now officially opened up for business in Israel and plans to localise many of its online services into Hebrew in the coming months. The move aims to meet the needs of Israeli internet users.
Babylon translates Wiki
Wikipedia, the user generated encyclopaedia has now been enabled to allow easy language translation of the words that appear in it. Babylon, an Israeli company based has made its translation software compatible with the online encyclopaedia.
Managing your Outlook
Is the sheer size of your email getting you down? Is it getting hard to manage and organise everything with Microsoft Outlook? Well, an Israeli company based in Halamish has come up with an add-on to Outlook to help you out.
Striking gold with water
Water purification is big business and Israeli-based TreaTec21 is looking to claim its stake in an industry that is worth billions of dollars every year.
Mobile device
Mobile music downloads
Next generation mobile phones and devices are being targeted for a service developed by an Israeli company that allows music to be downloaded legally. Nareos, says it has a catalog of over one million songs.
If you are looking to make and receive phonecalls through your computer using VOIP, an Israeli company has developed technology that allows both VOIP calls to be made as well asc regular calls.
Ynet uses CastUP
Time to CastUP
One of the leading providers of technology that allows video to be broadcast across the internet is Tel Aviv-based CastUP. The Israeli company has become a world leader in the distribution of video though it innovative technology.
Kingston U3 device
Take it with you
Over the last few years, portable memory devices have become incredibly popular. The ability to save onto a device means you can take your data wherever you like. One of the latest developments in portable data storage is U3 technology from Israel.
Jerusalem College of Technology
Technology study
Israel's Jerusalem College of Technology recently hit the headlines when a lunch meeting with media mogul Rupert Murdoch was auctioned off on eBay with all proceeds to benefit the college. Find out some more about the college.
Combating computer viruses
Combating computer viruses
An Israeli PHD and his team is working on developing an antidote to computer viruses that will stop them in their tracks.
Protecting the web
As more and more business is being conducted over the internet, companies without adequate security procedures can be a sitting target for hackers. Israeli company Applicure aims to help businesses stop hackers.
Search forums
When it comes for doing certain searches on the internet, sometimes Google is not always best. While it is great for general searching, more specific search engines can often find what you are looking for. And now and Israeli company has made searching forums easy.
Intel's big investment
Intel, the world's biggest computer chip maker is to open up a new factory in Israel to build its new high-tech chips. Over the next few years, the company plans to create more than 2,000 new jobs at the new Kiryat Gat location.
Watching TV online
If you've always wanted to find out what TV broadcasters are producing in other countries, then an Israeli-based company has provided a software download that allows users to view TV channels from all around world.
Making mobile phones secure
Protecting mobiles
Everyone is well aware these days of the threat of viruses on a PC, but what about a mobile phone or even a hand held organiser? An Israeli company, Discretix is at the forefront in developing technology to prevent attacks on mobiles. © 2005 - 2006 | a JMT Ventures site | Contact Us | Terms of Use