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Coming to Israel? Find out more about the people, places and things you can see and do. From the traditional to the alternative, Israel has much to offer.

Tel Aviv
Holy Tel Aviv tours
No bars, clubs, or scantily-clad women. Tel Avivís religious council takes you on a tour of the cityís holy places, which are not as rare as youíd think. If you donít try it, how will you know?
Cruise ship
Crusing to Israel
Two major cruise lines have decided to renew services to Israel that were suspended during the height of Israeli-Palestinian fighting. Holland America is expected to resume its services in April of next year.
Elephants coming to Israel
Elephants in Israel
Soon Israelis will no longer be required to fly to Thailand to ride an elephant. This rare experience will soon become available in a unique Israeli park set to be founded in the Western Negev.
Japan in Israel
Japanese culture has long fascinated Israelis; however a trip to The Land of the Rising Sun is somewhat costly. The solution, therefore, lies in a true Japanese experience closer to home.
New campaign for Israel
A new Israeli Tourism Ministry campaign has been launched with a NIS 150 million (£19 million) budget to encourage incoming tourism. The campaigns are specially-tailored for each specific market and specifically target Jews and Christians.
Segway in Jeruslaem
Jerusalem on wheels
A new tourist attraction has started in Jerusalem: Guided Segway tours along the "Commissioner's Palace" promenade. The Segway, a motorised two-wheeled vehicle, will take visitors on an hour long tour.
King David's spa?
There's a buzz of excitement among archeologists. In recent days, archeological digs in Jerusalem revealed a tunnel that, according to a number of estimates, leads to a pool used by King David.
Ancient synagogue
Ancient synagogue discovered
The secrets of an ancient synagogue, dating from around the 3rd to 6th century CE, were discovered completely by accident near Kibbutz Maoz Haim. Underneath the remains of a Bedouin cemetery, built on the ruins of an old Arab village, a Jewish town was found.
The Gate
The Garden
A mysterious complex situated adjacent to Jerusalem Theater spooked many Jerusalemites for over 120 years. Hansenís Disease, erroneously identified as Bibleís leprosy, has been eradicated, but mystery remains.
Garden Time
With dozens of miles of new jeep paths recently opened in Jerusalem corridor, you can get from Beit Shemesh to Jerusalem without traveling on the roads
Travel to Haifa and discover the city's terraced landscape which offers a rich variety of breathtaking panoramas, giving the observer the sensation of being on a heavenly peninsula.
Northern Negev
Kibbutzim, moshavim of the northern Negev are alive and kicking. Even during the hot August nights a pleasant breeze blows, and nobody goes to sleep at 9 oíclock anymore.
Northern tourists come back
While residents of the upper Galilee region in Israel are making their way back home, tourists are also planning to "storm" the north, even if only to enjoy the last rays of summer sunshine.
Biking in Israel
Get biking in Israel. Find out more about a delightful trip in Israle that is open to all levels to complete.
Tram in Jerusalem
January 15, 2009. This is the date planned for the opening of a Jerusalem tram system, the first of its kind in Israel. The Jerusalem tram will precede by at least two years a similar mode of transportation in the Tel Aviv and Gush Dan area.
A ranch in the Negev
Has anyone managed to drive for five miles in the Galilee without coming across a sign for the nearest guest house? But the Negev is something else entirely. In the Negev you can drive, and drive, and drive, and itís as if there is nothing there.
Tourists want to see katyushas
Since last Thursday evening the site of the Katyusha landing in Haifaís Stella Maris neighborhood has become a pilgrimage site to the cityís residents and tourists.
British Guard
"British" are back
Royalty is back in Jerusalem, or at least royalty manners: As part of the 40th anniversary of the Six-Day War, in which Jerusalem was liberated, guards dresses as British soldiers will be stationed at Jaffa gate.
Israel Wonders
Wonder of Israel
First there was Go Israel, then came Think Israel and now the Israeli government is providing tourists with Israel Wonders, its latest site to offer useful information on the country and what tourists can do.
Zurich in Jerusalem
The center of Jerusalem is expected to change beyond recognition within two to three years, when the place will become a crowded area similar to Zurich's famous Bahnhofstrasse in Switzerland.
Sumo in Israel
Sumo in Israel
Thirteen of world's best sumo champions recently visited Israel as part of a tour that aims to strengthen Israel and Japan ties. The 13, who were guests of Israel visited Jerusalem and some of its most famous sites included the Western Wall.
Israel 4 All
Tours for disabled
Travelling to Israel for those who are disabled or with limited mobility can be very daunting, but there's help being offered by a tour company who can put together tours to experience everything the country has to offer.
More stays in Israel
The number of overnight stays in Israel's hotels is on the up. In April, 1.8 million stays in Israel took place, an increase of 10 percent from the previous year.
Tel Aviv
Loving Tel Aviv
Record numbers of tourists are flocking for Israel's city of fun - Tel Aviv. In 2005 over two million hotel booking were made to stay there and over 190,000 Brits made Tel Aviv their choice of holiday during the year.
Israel tourism rise
The number of British tourists visiting Israel in the first three months of 2006 is up from the previous year. A total of 36,833 travelled to Israel in 2006 compared to 32,351 in 2005.
Sumo wrestlers
Israel turning Japanese
A delegation of 15 top-ranking Sumo wrestlers is scheduled to arrive in Israel in June, according to sources in the Israeli embassy in Tokyo. The planned visit is part of an initiative aimed at promoting Japanese tourism to Israel.
Think Israel
More tours to Israel
The choice of airline and travel operator to fly to Israel looks set to increase following Israeli tourism minister Abraham Hirschson announcing deals with two of Europe's largest travel companies starting this summer.
Tel Aviv beach
Pride for Tel Aviv
Work is underway in conjunction with Israel's Ministry of Tourism to turn Tel Aviv into a international tourist destination for the gay-lesbian community.
Dead Sea
Dead Sea treatment
People suffering from psoriasis and other skin conditions can combine a holiday with treatment for their condition at Israel's Dead Sea. With its natural therapeutic conditions, the Dead Sea has been used as healing centre for many years.
Jerusalem for free
Free Pesach in Israel
Want free access to some of Israel's best tourist attractions? Well, over Passover you don't need to pay to visit them. Israel' s largest bank, Bank Hapoalim is underwriting the costs to open 37 of Israel's most popular tourist sites.
Israel parks
Israeli park life
Interested in exploring the parks and nature reserves that Israel has to offer as part of a holiday? Israel's Nature and National Parks Protection Authority provides a valuable website to help tourists find out more about what is on offer.
Israel tours for RSY
Israel tours for RSY
Reform Jewish youth movement RSY-Netzer is to send three full tours to Israel for the first time in five years this summer sending 117 teenagers to the country. This compares to two tours last year and only one tour in 2002 and 2003.
Jewish Princess Challenge
Hayley wins Princess vote
Hayley Goldenberg has been crowned Jewish Princess by winning the vote for British Emunah's Jewish Princess Challenge. The vote, which cost £1 by text has helped Emunah to raise upwards of £500,000 to help children in Israel.
Tourism goes online
The Israeli Ministry of Tourism plans to spend 30 percent of its advertising and marketing budget on luring tourists to Israel through the Internet.
Tel Aviv
Idol in Tel Aviv
As American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson goes to Tel Aviv at the end of March, Something Israeli offers a quick five things to do in this modern city that is also Israel's 24 hour city that just never sleeps.
King's City
Enjoy a King's life
If you thought Eilat was just sun, sea and sand, well, it is also now home to a multi-million dollar theme park with last year's opening of King's City located at the edge of the city's promenade.
Israir comes to the UK
Israel's second largest airline, Israir is to start offering flights to Tel Aviv from Stansted Airport, Essex. The service starts from April 2 and will operate three times a week. Flights will depart on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
Think Israel
The Brits are coming
Israel is once again proving a popular destination for British tourists with record numbers travelling there. In 2005, 157,600 Brits went to Israel for a holiday, up by seven per cent on the previous year.
Eilat offers
With its promise of sun, sea and relaxation, Eilat is making offers to encourage Brits to visit it for a week or two. Whether you want to live it up or just go for something basic and use what you save on eating and going out, Eilat is tempting tourists.
More flights to Israel
Israel's second largest airline, Israir is gearing up for major expansion following news that the Israeli government is to lift a restriction on competition to El Al across numerous routes in and out of Israel.
Yad Sarah
Help with travelling
Tourists with special needs or limited mobility travelling to Israel can get help to make their stay as hassle free as possible. Voluntary organisation Yad Sarah is offering assistance to those who need help in getting around the country during their stay.
Tel Aviv
Gay times in Israel
Israel tourist chiefs are planning to launch a range of initiatives to increase gay tourism. Proclaiming itself as the only country in the Middle East where being gay is not against the law, it prides itself on its tolernace in such cities as Tel Aviv.
El Al
Fast check-in for checking out
Israeli airline El Al is now making it even easier to leave from Tel Aviv and Eilat with the introduction of town and hotel check-in services. The new service allows travellers to drop off their baggage either a day before they fly or the morning.
Judean Hills
Hiking in Israel
Colourful scenery, archeological sites, vistas, memorials, ruins in autumn finery all within reach of Jerusalem.
Western Wall
Western Wall gets upgrade
Jerusalem's Western Wall which has traditionally been used for barmitzvahs and other Jewish gatherings is to undergo a major renovation costing around $15m. As well as improving the area, a new visitors centre will open early next year.
Travel to Jerusalem
More tours to Israel
Upscale travel company Cadogan Holidays has added Israel to its list of destinations offered to clients for 2006. The initial offerings feature 12 hotels across Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Herzliya and start from £38 a night per person.
Second Home in Israel
Second home in Israel
If you travel on a regular basis to Israel and are fed up with the cost of renting somewhere to stay, then you may well like to consider buying your own pad. Not only will you get a place to stay while you are out there, but you can also rent out to others while you are not there.
Center Hotel Tel Aviv
Center attraction
Planning to visit Israel and want to go to Tel Aviv? Well, if you want to get maximum value for money out of your sleeping arrangements, a stay at the Center Hotel could well fit your budget and provide exactly what you are looking for.
Think Israel
Israel, here I come!
The Israeli tourist office wants more people to visit Israel and what can be more tempting than to get a female wearing a bikini to tempt tourists to the Middle East? © 2005 - 2006 | a JMT Ventures site | Contact Us | Terms of Use